Monday, August 11, 2014

Life & Times of a Party Animal

I was never the partying type, certainly not a drinker. It just wasn't my thing, I always felt like I was on the outside looking in and not getting what the big deal was or the full picture. Long story short, I was too insecure to break out of myself and get free, but all that changed. Almost a year ago after getting out of one of the worst situations I have ever voluntarily placed myself in, I started partying. It felt liberating, it was a high that lasted forever and it was something that pumped so much adrenaline in me. I was finally happy again, dancing, enjoying myself and not caring what anyone thought. I'd been through so many things that a lot of people wouldn't comprehend, so I doubt the celebration process would be understand. It felt like riding a bike, wind blowing all around while you pick up speed leaving whatever troubles behind you. I was addicted. I found myself going out at least 2 times a week, just enjoying happiness, and indulging in others'. Can you imagine being so happy that the happiness of other's just prolonged the high. I was in heaven.

This was all halfway into my 23rd year, around the time when most people start slowing down and become homebodies. I couldn't explain it, I didn't want to and still don't feel the need to. It's not the party life that hooked me, it was being able to be myself in a public place while being unapologetic and taking off my cool, feeling alive after wanting so much death. Becoming a party animal turned into a new way to express my love for myself, and I'm so happy I found it.

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